Pipe Handling

Solutions for getting your pipe to the lease and into the well

Realizing that reducing the number of times pipe is handled leads to a safer work environment, HIGHWOOD Global has developed the Wheeled Pipe Tub and the Hybrid Catwalk Tub that can be loaded at the pipe yard, transported to site and deliver pipe to the rig without having to handle the pipe on the lease. The tubs can also be used to store pipe on pump changes and other applications where the tubing is not being replaced.

For trailered style pipe handlers, HIGHWOOD Global offers the Tele-CAT trailered catwalk that can handle Range 3 tubulars, but telescopes down to an small trailer package making it easy to haul and position. For extremely small and challenging lease sites, HIGHWOOD Global offers the Pipe Loader that can be positioned in almost any position and still be able to get pipe to and from the rig floor.

HIGHWOOD Global’s team have also serviced many brands of powered catwalks helping our customers adapt to the changing requirements and making the most out of their existing capital.

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