Mud Processing

Converting Waste into Value

HIGHWOOD Global’s Mud Processing systems can convert your waste into value, saving time and money.  From processing drill cuttings to tank bottoms, the HIGH-FLEX 500 can be customized to suit your application. Partnering with Tecumseh Industries, we utilize the most effective centrifuge available to extract the most from your processes on-site saving the need to transport cuttings to a processing plant and recycling the maximum amount of water.

HIGHWOOD GLOBAL has worked with a number of clients customizing packages to suit their specific application from Heli-Portable versions to multi-unit skid mounted separation systems for a fixed location. If you have a specific requirement, Highwood Global can custom design and build it to suit.

If you already have a tank and pump system in place and are looking for the most reliable centrifuge on the market, look no further than Tecumseh Industries. With units ranging from 265 to 600 GPM, they can extract between 12,000 and 28,000 lbs/hour.

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