Oil & Gas Technologies

Every problem is unique.
Every situation is an opportunity.
Every opportunity has a solution.

HIGHWOOD Global has built its reputation around that philosophy – finding solutions that make your Oil & Gas budget work harder.

The building of adaptable, game-changing equipment that is designed to fit into those opportunities, and makes the most of the dollars you have to spend on your oil and gas project, is our singular goal. And, if the parts, equipment or system you need to solve a particular problem doesn’t exist today, we will design and manufacture it for you.

HIGHWOOD Global offers heavy metal fabrication, including the following capabilities: welding, machining, metal prep, powder coat, control panels, wire harnesses, hydraulic and mechanical assemblies, design, engineering and project management services. We are ideally positioned to find solutions for your design and manufacturing opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our engineering team has expertise in structural, mechanical, hydraulic and automation design. We recently completed several custom design-to-build projects for a number of customers including the following:

  • Hydraulic knife gates
  • Remote closed face tong conversions
  • Custom automated pipe handler
  • Catwalk Trailer Conversions
  • Miscellaneous Hydraulic Power Units
  • Snubbing Link Tilt System

HIGHWOOD Global delivers industry-leading design, manufacturing and production to bring new and existing reconfigured products to market that provide our customers with a continual competitive advantage.