Highwood Technologies

Every situation is unique.
Every challenge is an opportunity.

HIGHWOOD Global has built our business around that philosophy. We are a design and manufacturing firm, developing and producing engineered, electro, hydraulic and mechanical fabricated solutions for an extensive list of industries. HIGHWOOD capitalizes on North America-wide design, manufacturing and production expertise, to bring new and reconfigured products to market, in direct response to industry and customer requirements.

HIGHWOOD offers heavy metal fabrication, including the following capabilities: welding, machining, metal prep, powder coat, control panels, wire harnesses, hydraulic and mechanical assemblies, design, engineering, and project management services.

HIGHWOOD is ideally positioned to pursue manufacturing and design opportunities in the aerospace, marine, hydroelectric, mining, oil and gas industries just to name a few.

Whether improving and expanding upon your existing equipment and systems, or if there is equipment or a system you need that doesn’t exist today, we would be happy to meet and discuss how we could utilize our engineering and production teams to design and manufacture it for you. Our experienced teams bring engineering, technology, production, logistics, environmental and budgeting expertise to the table and it is available to you now.

It is impossible to include complete content on a website that answers all of your questions. We invite you to contact us directly: